Hiking Hogsback

This weekend, extended by national Women’s day, myself and Vanessa were invited to join our house mate Justin at his family farm.

Hogsback Hike 10

Nestled in the foothills between the big and little Elandsberg mountains lies the quaint Glenara farm, a true respite from the bustling world. Arriving early on Thursday evening after a very prolonged four day week we couldn’t have been happier to be greeted by Linda (Justin’s more than hospitable mother), a roaring fire and some of the best lamb chops eaten to date, rounded up by a steaming cup of hot chocolate and a good nights rest.

Waking at an hour that my body normally disagrees with, a warm bowl of porridge and a spring in our step Justin, Vanessa and myself decided to embark on a hike up the little Elandsberg. Despite the obvious but nonetheless shocking reality of my fitness levels we were soon through the farm paddocks and ascending at a pitifully slow rate, with icy wind in our faces, the sun providing little warmth and our muscles burning it was less than comforting to crane our necks and see the cloud topped mountain.

Hogsback Hike 1 Chattering and slowly climbing the hills, we soon reached a tree that more than confirmed that we weren’t entirely wimps and that it was indeed very cold. It was nearing on midday when we encountered the first pine tree…frozen solid!

Hogsback Hike 6

From that point  more and more plants were frozen, the trees, barded wire fences and the even grass.

Hogsback Hike 3 Hogsback Hike 2

This seemed to have almost no effect on the German short-haired pointer named Claus that came along for the hike, he must have run the hike a dozen times over, going back and forth and scouting ahead, a beast truly at home on the mountain!

Hogsback Hike 4

As we hiked higher my fingers became slightly less nimble and less willing to fiddle with my camera, coupled with the ice that was gently slipping off the blades of grass and into my gumboots, resulting in wet socks and cramping toes. However something possessed me to risk my manhood and climb over a barbed wire fence with a less than graceful dismount to pursue a few more photos.

Hogsback Hike 5

Hogsback Hike 7

After catching up with Justin and Vanessa (who were not willing to risk the fence climbing for me to grab another photo) I had to pretend with every iota of my being that a frozen twig was highly interesting, this appeared to be a way in which to catch my breath while simultaneously seeming arty, although I think the huffing and puffing may have given me away…but I did get a picture of the twig!

Hogsback Hike 8

After catching my breath and scrambling up some frozen rocks we had finally reached the summit! A hike well worth the effort and worthy of the fantastic meal we received upon return to the farmhouse!

So after tackling this beast:

Hogsback Hike 9

We even braved another hike the next day.. but that is a story and maybe even another post for another time!

So thank you to the Andersen family for their hospitality and for sharing their beautiful hideaway with us, it was greatly appreciated!

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